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"L'Ingredient du Jour" Often Doesn't Give Us Results We Expect.


As you know, it is so easy to overlook "Tried + True Ingredients" because of today’s fast paced, digital world constantly bombarding us with the latest and greatest product or ingredient of the day. It is confusing even for the experts! 

One ingredient not to be missed is Goat Milk.  It has been used in luxury skin and body treatments since the days of Egyptian princess and ruler, Cleopatra.  That was a long time ago, but some things truly do stand the "test of time", especially Goat Milk.

LIV + GRACE SKINCARE uses this ancient beauty secret in their number one seller, the Goat Milk Hydrator.  Goat Milk is an amazing God given ingredient which has a similar PH as human skin. The skin’s proper PH helps keep the “acid mantle” balanced and intact, allowing the other nutrients, such as organic aloe leaf juice, avocado fruit oil and organic neem seed oil, from the Goat Milk Hydrator to be easily and gently absorbed. Maintaining a balanced PH also helps to prevent invaders like pollutants, environmental toxins, bacteria and viruses from entering compromised skin. In summary, it balances and prevents the skin from being acneic, sensitive, overly oily or dehydrated. 

Cleopatra was also known for taking long luxurious goat milk baths and having beautiful soft skin in the harshest of environments, the desert.  One reason the goat milk baths proved to be so helpful was because of the high levels of lactic acid, (the gentlest of all AHAs).  Lactic Acid from the milk breaks down the bond of dead skin cells attached to the outer most layer of the skin, the epidermis.  Once the skin is gently exfoliated, it absorbs the rest of the star nutrients much more easily.  

Between the many essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals,  such as D,  B1, B6, B12 and K, the high levels of age-defying vitamin A, C and E and the triglycerides, your skin receives an immense infusion of nutrients used as a building block for healthy radiant skin. Maybe this is why the bespoke Goat Milk Hydrator continues to be LIV + GRACE SKINCARE'S top seller…


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