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Science Experiment on Your FACE- Good Combos and Not So Good Combos

I remember thinking I knew everything about skincare (ding dong!).  

That was a very long time ago.  As my grandfather use to say, "The more you know, the more you realize you don't know".  Thanks Grandpa!  Once I realized there was so much conflicting information out there, I decided to get back into the life scienses I once loved, but this time concentrating on SKIN, the largest organ of the body and the largest DETOX organ as well.  

Taking the matters into my own hands felt good because I knew I could trust myself more than all the advertisements and beauty magazines, though I love them for entertainment and still do!  

Here are some of the tidbits of information my past 10 years of "hands on" skincare has shown me.

Good Combos

Retinol and Glycerin: Glycerin can help bring moisture back to the skin that is lost with retinol.

Retinol and Hyaluronic Acid. Similar to glycerin, hyaluronic acid restores the moisture that retinol depletes.

Vitamin C and Vitamin E. These antioxidant vitamins boost each other and help fight against free radicals.


Bad Combos

Benzoyl Peroxide and Retinol. While these ingredients are both used to fight acne, they can cause irritation when layered. Sometimes if you use a very low does of each, you will be fine. However, I recommend, using at different times during the day.  Retinol or any form of Vitamin A at NIGHT ONLY and the Benzoyl Peroxide during the day. 

Vitamin C and Alpha Hydroxy Acids. This acidity in these two ingredients can cause an irregular pH balance on the skin, rendering the products ineffective.

Vitamin B3 (niacinamide) and Alpha Hydroxy Acids. The low pH produced by AHAs can cause vitamin B3 to produce nicotinic acid, which can irritate the skin. Vitamin B3 is most effective when the skin has a neutral pH balance (after you use a neutralizing toner)

Vitamin C and Retinol. Retinol is a powerful skin care product that can cause drying of the skin. Therefore, some ingredients simply do not work well with retinol and can cause skin irritation.  I recommend vitamin C in the day and again, vitamin A at Night only.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids and Retinol: As previously stated, some ingredients simply do not work well with retinol. Often times, different hydroxy acids will be used in face washes or exfoliators, and while you can use two different products with these ingredients in the same day, it is not recommended to layer one on top of the other.

Therefore, no matter what skin type you are treating, I highly recommended you don't try out more than one product on your face at once. (if you just can't wait, you can do what I do, I try it on one side of my face for a few days) This way, if your skin does react in any negative way, you can find the culprit faster.

Remember, because Liv+Grace Skincare products are so clean, you can incorporate them into most skincare regimens without worrying about creating a science experiment on you beautiful FACE!  You can add them in, on, under and over your products without concern.  Lastly, sunscreen alway last!

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Be Healthy, Be Happy, Be Beautiful!



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