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Spring Skincare Housekeeping

Spring Skincare Housekeeping


Have you noticed the temperature and humidity changing? If you haven’t, you will soon!

Here are some down and dirty tips from a seasoned esthetician on how to simplify your spring time skincare regimen.

Dry Skin? Your skin loves humid weather and if you live in an area where spring time has a high humidity factor, you are in luck! You will find your skin is happier, dewier and more hydrated than in the fall and winter.

I recommend you use a hydrating cleanser, like the Damage Control by Liv+Grace Skincare, on a dry face. I call this a dry cleanse. Then moisten hands with water and gently continue to massage and rinse off. You will love the delicate citrus scent and the non-greasy feel it leaves behind. This will keep your skin hydrated, clean, and the natural moisture barrier intact, which is the key to happy and healthy skin. Continue with your regular day and night regimen preferably the Super Seed Oil pressed in and then the Goat Milk Hydrator on top. If you need more moisture, add a few drops of the Super Seed into your palm and emulsify it with a dab of Goat Milk Hydrator. This allows you to customize as needed.

Combo Skin? I say, treat your face by zones. Start with a good cleansing regimen. I recommend you use the Damage Control like I mentioned above and follow by the Pure Blue Cleanser. This helps to regulate the sebum and cleanses the skin. It even removes the most stubborn mascara without over drying. The Pure Blue Cleanser has been a client favorite for almost 10 years now. It is highly concentrated, so a little dab will do. I can’t keep this one in stock!

After you cleanse your combo skin, you have to think about where you get oily (shiny) first and then where you tend to be normal or dry. Most people are oilier in the T-Zone, but everyone is different. Now that you have the information you are looking for and clean skin, you can use a light serum, the Super Seed Oil or Anti-Inflammatory Elixir on the drier parts of your face and be done or add another layer of Goat Milk Hydrator in appropriate areas. I follow a simple rule of thumb. I use less on oilier zones of my face and layer on the drier areas.

Finally, if you have Oily Skin and live in an area where spring time means more humidity, your skin will probably start acting up. So I suggest you start reducing your products and make sure you keep your skin clean, but not too dry. People make the mistake of over drying their face and that only makes acne worse because an overly dry epidermal layer (top of the skin) prevents your skin from “breathing”, which could easily end up impairing the skin’s function leading to clogged pores.

Try using the Pure Blue Cleanser and spot treat at night with the Overnight Spot Treatment. Make sure you use a non greasy moisturizer or hydrator sunscreen. I particularly like powder sunscreen for my oilier clients. It acts like a make-up, concealer and sunscreen all in one, but it doesn’t add extra moisture.

No matter what your skin type , please don’t forget to use a nontoxic sunscreen as your last layer. Best to use Zinc and Titanium as your physical sunscreen and steer clear of chemical ones. At the very least, please check and make sure there is no Oxybenzone in your sunscreen formulation.

Happy Spring!!

Be Healthy, Be Happy, Be Beautiful!

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