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Traveling? You need these...

Liv and Grace Natural Skincare in Travel Sizes, Clean Beauty Moisturizer and SerumAre you headed out for spring break or just looking to get some sunshine and R + R?  

If so, LIV+GRACE SKINCARE has you covered...literally!  

Make it easy on  yourself and get effective, customizable and safe skincare products that work on virtually every skin type and condition, even sensitive and acne prone. Each ingredient has been carefully selected to create excellent skin health and give you an incredible GLOW!

The Brightening Anti-Oxidant Serum (BAOS) is the everyday vitamin and anti-oxidant serum you should use because it has mulitfunctional ingredients to keep your skin safer from UV exposure, enviromental stressors-like pollution, and oxidative stress from life.  BAOS should be used each morning, first thing after you wash your face.

The two stable vitamin Cs are the cornerstones of this incredible serum and are boosted with five natural skin brighteners, four active sea plants, one bioavailable apple plant stem cell ingredient and super nutrients like turmeric, acai and resveratrol.  You really can't get any better than this...

After you apply BAOS and let it dry, then add your facial oil, like Rescue Hydrate, Super Seed Oil or the Anti-Inflammatory Elixir,  which gently carries in each supercharged ingredient deeply into your skin and gives the added benefits of a facial oil to boot!  What is not to like?

You can top it off with applying Goat Milk Hydrator for extra protection and hydration or skip that step and go right to your sunscreen.  And voila, you are set!

Remember the Goat Milk Hydrator, Super Seed Oil, Rescue Hydrate and the Anti-Inflammatory Elixir all come in perfect travel sizes to carry with you to the gym, on an overnight get away or a sojourn far from home.  

Don't forget your LIV+GRACE SKINCARE on your next trip.  It is easy to use, effective, safe and small enough to take anywhere!  P.S....Remember to bring your hat!

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