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What can a "Skincare Ritual" do for you?

We all know self-care is important, but how can we make it a priority in our everyday lives? The answer: creating rituals.

What are Rituals?

Rituals are empowering routines that turn good habits into a daily practice, and can bring peace, joy, and even the feeling of emotional well being into your life.

When it comes to taking care of your skin health, creating rituals are essential for maximizing results. The art of any good skin care ritual is consistency and mindful care.

The goal is to carve out time and a sacred space each day to focus yourself, body and soul, as you thoughtfully apply your products.  It is a time for just you, a time to care for yourself lovingly and wholeheartedly.  Sounds like a big proposition, right?

It isn’t!

How to Create a Skin Care Ritual

There are many ways to create a ritual, and it doesn’t have to be complicated nor does it need to be time-consuming. Lighting candles or incense, playing a song, or practicing gratitude or a brief meditation are all rituals. Reading a daily mantra or positive affirmations are also a great option for those new to meditation. The most important factor in creating your ritual is that it should make you feel good—every time

Once you’ve set the tone and you’re feeling grounded, your energy will shift to a more positive and relaxed state ultimately benefiting you and your beautiful skin. 

Just like with formulation, the key to creating a skincare ritual is to begin with the end result in mind. Start with the result you want to have—what would you like to experience? How do you want to feel about yourself when your ritual is complete?

Empowered? Centered? Focused? Calm? Nurtured?


Finally, think about what time of day might be best for your skincare ritual. Mornings can be a powerful way to start the day with intention, clarity, and purpose, but right before bed can be excellent as well. You could even practice it twice a day…why not?

Your skin is yearning to be nourished and treated to the very best. Is your spirit, your inner self, yearning for the same thing? The beautiful thing about taking care of one part of our bodies is that it helps us get into the mindset of self-care and self-love. Taking a few minutes each day to appreciate all that your skin does for you, and nourishing it with not only products but with intention will help you glow from within.

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