One Year Anniversary Sale

Valentines Day has a special significance for LIV + GRACE SKINCARE. Exactly one year ago February 14th, founder and CEO Cindy O’Brien started a line of ultra clean, customizable skin care and named it after her daughters, Olivia and Grace. 
Olivia O’Brien’s latest single, called Love Myself, dropped on February 1st, setting the tone for self-love and authenticity that her mother Cindy has reflected in creating LIV + GRACE.
As an experienced Holistic Aesthetician, Cindy knows that detoxifying your beauty routine starts with using clean and green ingredients and non-toxic chemicals. Just as we care about the foods we eat and the air we breathe, we need to care about the products we put onto our skin. 
The bespoke  LIV + GRACE SKINCARE collection gives you results that don’t compromise your health. Each product can be used alone or together, so you can customize your daily skin care routine based on what your skin needs. 
During the winter months, blending a few drops of Super Seed Oil with Goat Milk Hydrator can add extra moisture without feeling heavy or greasy on your skin. Together, this hydration duo will keep your skin microbiome healthy and even all season long. 
To celebrate LIV + GRACE SKINCARE’s one year anniversary, you can give the gift of our hydration duo just in time for Valentines Day.
Use promo code: PERFECTPAIR at check out when you purchase the travel size Super Seed Oil and travel size Goat Milk Hydrator to save $12.00–only while supplies last! 

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