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"Do we really need all these products to keep our skin healthy and looking great?"


Well, the answer is “yes” and “no”.


Liv + Grace Skincare knows how frustrating and sometimes confusing it is having so many options and products for people. This is why-

Liv + Grace Skincare is made to be mixed, amended and even watered down to give you a customized skincare regimen that works for you through life's changes.  

Your skincare regimen, no matter if you are dry, oily or combination, should be adjusted during the changes of the month (i.e. your cycle), Mother Nature’s seasons (humidity in the spring or dry air in the winter) and stages of life (teens, pregnancy and midlife and beyond).

Here is an example of how Liv + Grace is easily adjusted to suit the needs of their clients-

Kelly has oily skin and has been using her Goat Milk Hydrator all winter long. She loves it and it is a great addition to her routine. Now, it is spring and the humidity makes her skin more oily, which could increase breakouts. What to do? She doesn’t fret because she knows with  Liv + Grace Skincare products, she can safely mix, amend or even water them down. Therefore, she finds if she wants to continue using the Goat Milk Hydrator, all she needs to do is make it into a lotion. She takes a little Goat Milk Hydrator in one hand and adds H2O in the other, mixing together in the palms of her hands and “voila”, a lotion is created. How easy is that?

Another example is Nancy, a flight attendant who wants to keep her skin beautiful and moist, but finds it a challenge because of the many skincare pitfalls while flying. The altitude, UV exposure and constant climate changes going from city to city will wreak havoc on anyone’s skin and unfortunately contribute to premature aging if not careful. To combat these issues, she uses a clean and effective vitamin C serum first, waits till it drys, then presses a few drops of the Super Seed Oil into her neck, décolletage and face.  To top it off, she adds a few drops of the Super Seed Oil to the Goat Milk Hydrator customizing it into a richer and more hydrating moisturizer.  We always recommend some form of sunscreen, preferably a physical one, as the very last step of everyone's regimen.  

So, when Nancy knows she will be flying, (which is a lot) she adds more SSO and when she knows she will be in humidity, she backs off the Super Seed Oil.

It is really nice to have fewer products with more than one purpose!

If you have any specific questions, go to the “Contact” button and simply ask me. I will try and return your email within 24 hours. :)


Be Healthy, Be Happy, Be Beautiful!


Cindy Merrill O’Brien, LE



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