Over Night Spot Treatment by LIV+GRACE SKINCARE heals pimples and spots overnight.

Overnight Spot Treatment (Acne Care)

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Overnight Spot Treatment 

A perfect ultra clean, nontoxic way to zap those pimples, acne eruptions and inflammatory red bumps on your pretty little face!  This Overnight Spot Treatment helps to heal, purify and calm the most agitated spots.  Use a cotton swab to dip into unshaken bottle and gently apply right to effected area. The next morning should give you a brighter, clearing complexion.  

Key Ingredients-

  • Calamine- Relieves itching and soothes minor skin irritations. Creates a calming and cooling sensation when applied topically.
  • Zinc Oxide- Helps prevent and alleviate inflammation and scarring associated with acne, absorbs sebum, heals damaged skin, antiseptic, helps prevent infection
  • Biosulphur- Regulates and helps balance sebum secretions, purifies and delivers antiseptic properties.


    Good for all ages and skin types.  No hidden toxic ingredients in this pure formulation.


    .5 fl. oz/ 15ml:  $37.50

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