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Pomegranate + Apple Enzyme Exfoliating Gel Mask


Napa Valley's Luxury Pomegranate + Apple Enzyme Exfoliating Mask (EcoCert Organic)

A beautiful gel mask that dissolves and digests dry surface skin with a unique gel that boosts hydration as it exfoliates.

Enzymes from the ancient fruits of pomegranate and apple help target lifeless cells to reveal newer, smoother and plumper looking skin.  

Other star ingredients such as sodium hyaluronate which is a natural, vegetable source of hyaluronic acid penetrating the epidermis and reducing dehydration. Teamed with aloe vera, which is high in polysaccharides that help boost collagen synthesis, helps promote a skin-calming effect that’s essential to supporting exfoliation of the outer layer without irritation.

In addition to the cell turnover stimulated by exfoliation, an active derived from organic alfalfa encourages cell renewal and improves collagen synthesis. Its action is similar to Retinol but without the redness and peeling, promoting elasticity and reducing the appearance of age revealing lines and wrinkles.  Can be used on all skin types, even sensitive skin.


$45 for 30 ml


Vendor: LIV + GRACE SKINCARE by Cindy O'Brien


Pomegranate + Apple Enzyme Exfoliating Gel Mask