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Zoom Rescue Hydrate Facial Oil Serum
Zoom Rescue Hydrate Facial Oil Serum
Zoom Rescue Hydrate Facial Oil
Zoom Rescue Hydrate
Zoom Rescue Hydrate Facial Serum

Rescue Hydrate Facial Serum

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Rescue Hydrate Facial Oil Serum (RH)

Our Super Charged Plant Based Retinol Alternative

This Powerful PhytoRetinol  is formulated with the highest doses of Mother Nature's vitamins A, E and C to harness and deliver soothing, reparative age-defying results without using chemical or synthetic retinols often associated with photosensitivity, redness, irritation, microbiome disruption and human toxicity.  

Packed with rich Provitamin A Carotenoids that transform within your skin to a potent, natural Retinoic Acid, which is known to help fight signs of aging, including wrinkles, dark spots and uneven skin tone.

"Rescue Hydrate can be used alone or added to any other serums, including acids and exfoliants, to nourish and revitalize even the most reactive, prematurely aged or fragile skin." -Founder and Holistic Aesthetician, Cindy O'Brien.

Rescue Hydrate Facial Oil Serum also doubles as a product BOOSTER to increase hydration and nutrients in serums, toners + moisturizers. Excellent for around the eyes, lips and ultra sensitive, dehydrated and dry reactive skin.

Rescue Hydrate is vegan and deliberately has NO essential oils to minimize irritation and allergic reactions. 

Made for All Skin Types. Hypoallergenic, Microbiome-Friendly and Pregnancy Safe.


Star Ingredients.

We use only the purist cold pressed ingredients from around the world.

  • Organic Chilean Rosehip Oil - extraordinarily high levels of both fat soluble vitamin A (safe and Natural Retinoic Acid)  and natural vitamin C to help build collagen, protect against environmental assault and support healthy skin function.
  • Organic Peruvian Sacha Inchi Oil - rare precious oil which has one of the highest levels of omega 3 (48%), omega 6 (39%) and natural vitamin A + E.  Rich combination of natural phytonutrients to be help improve the appearance of damaged and sensitive skin.
  • Wildcrafted Organic Camellia Seed Oil - Dry Tea Seed Oil (not tea tree) is rich in essential fatty acids, anti-oxidants and phytonutrients. Excellent age defying benefits and minimizing free radical damage.
  • Organic Chia Seed CO2 Extract - light weight, fast absorbing anti-oxidant with a non greasy feel. Minimizes the look of premature aging. 
  • Napa Valley Premium Grapeseed Oil - fights inflammation, reduces itching and improves the appearance of skin elasticity.
  • Organic Jojoba Oil - closely mimics natural human sebum to help balance oil production.



How to use Rescue Hydrate (PhytoRetinol)

Using your facial oils properly will ensure they last a long time and give you the glow and radiance you deserve.

You only need to use 2-6 drops of oil at a time. Warm in palms and PRESS into neck, décolletage and face, pressing up the sides of face to the forehead and then the center.  Remember, the Rescue Hydrate Facial Oil has no essential oils by design. 

Here are some tips on using Rescue Hydrate 

  • Simple apply to damp skin followed by sunscreen.
  • Layer warmed Rescue Hydrate over your serums by pressing in to the neck, décolleté and then sides of face and up through the center. Immediately follow with moisturizer, sunscreen or nothing at all. This helps prevent evaporation of your water based serums and boost the actives from each serum. 
  • Add a few drops to your Brightening Anti-Oxidant Serum or Marine Peptide Hydrating Serum by LIV + GRACE SKINCARE. Emulsify in your hand and massage on neck and face. Follow with moisturizer and or sunscreen.
  • Apply Rescue Hydrate immediately after using your Vital Complete, while Damp.  This will work as a magnet to boost and support each product. You can also hand mix a couple drops of oil into your facial essence or toner and apply them as one. If you do this for a couple days…you will notice a significant difference in the appearance and texture of your skin. 
  • Make a micro-emulsion. Mix a couple drops of facial oil with a couple drops of your water-based serum, mix the two together on your hands and apply to your face.
  • Mix a few drops in the your current moisturizer.~divine!


  $89.50    15 ml

  $46.00    5 ml  (travel)

 $155.00   30 ml  (New Extra Large)


We care about every ingredient in our skincare collection because we care about you. Each product and ingredient is carefully researched and vetted to be the cleanest and safest available. + Learn More

Our unwavering commitment to creating products that are both good for your skin and for the eco-system. We believe in full transparency—no greenwashing here! We strictly use ingredients that are a blend of clean science and clinically proven actives in therapeutic dosages. LIV + GRACE products contain well-researched, non-toxic ingredients to trigger the body’s natural healing and protective processes. + Learn More

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Rescue Hydrate Facial Serum

$89.50 Regular price


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