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LIV + GRACE SKINCARE by Cindy O’Brien started with a Simple Goal...  

Create Clean, Effective + Nutrient Rich Skincare that delivers real results quickly, no smoke and mirrors, just beautiful healthy skin that glows from within. 

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…"Super Seed Oil and the Brightening Serum SAVED my skin…. My skin feels naturally hydrated, refreshed and NOT caked with product. I have tried pretty much all the conventional products to the overpriced stinky stuff. NOTHING- I repeat- NOTHING compares to the SSO. It’s effective, natural, and basically all you need forever. I’m hooked."

Courtney W.

Brightening Anti-Oxidant Serum (BAOS) "This serum saved my skin! It helped with my redness and just overall appearance of my skin. I use it every single day!

Olivia O'Brien @oliviaobrien

"My skin looks brighter and more radiant. I think it looks firmer too. The products are easy to use and she provides detailed instructions. "I swear by all Liv+Grace products and these continue to impress. (Wine Country Facial Trio) Thank you for continuing to take such good care of us!"

Liz Peatman

"My skin hasn't looked this good in years! I thought I had to use the super expensive products from the dept. stores. LIV + GRACE made me a believer in small batch, clean beauty! Thank you for what you do to keep us healthy and our skin looking ageless!"

Becca J.

"The Super Seed Oil is Super Luxurious! It's amazing! Not only is it a lovely, rich moisturizer that skin just drinks in…but it's truly healing….I can't say enough about this wonderful, nourishing skin food!"

Molly W.

"Simply put, all these products have been a Total Game-Changer in my wellness journey! Within the first two weeks, the painful irritation subsided, my skin felt calm for the first time in years! Two months along my skin was no longer dry or flaky and the redness was fading."

Laura A.

"I have been using the Brightening Anti-Oxidant Vitamin C Serum and Rescue Hydrate Facial Oil. Both vanish into my skin and leave it perfectly balanced with moisture. They smell so good and do not leave any oil. Dryness and irritation are gone. They are perfect under make up and overnight. I love these products."

Cynthia K.

…."The first time I tried this cleanser I was able to see the difference right away. My skin didn’t feel itchy or looked as red (which usually did after washing my face, I have been dealing with rosacea issues for the past 5 years). I love how it feels, how it smells, and the immediate results I’m seeing!"

Amelia R.

Cindy O’Brien

Holistic Aesthetician, Founder and Visionary

With a lifetime of experience as a professional make-up artist, model and holistic aesthetician, Cindy became frustrated with the conflicting answers and opinions regarding what actually worked, what was really toxic + ultimately how to unthread the largely misleading and unregulated personal care and beauty industry. 

Cindy committed to finding the real answers for herself and share them with her skincare clients in Napa Valley + now ultimately with you.  She made it her mission to create something truly unique, a small batch, sustainably sourced, botanical rich skincare collection produced with clean active ingredients in therapeutic dosages without sacrificing results, health or our planet.

Welcome to LIV + GRACE SKINCARE by Cindy O'Brien.

living in grace with clean beauty and holistic wellness


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