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New Blog Post The Ultimate Guide to Sensitive Skin

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About Our Founder

Cindy Merrill O’Brien

Holistic Aesthetician, Founder + Visionary

With 30 years of experience as a holistic aesthetician, professional Hollywood make-up artist and model, Cindy became frustrated with the conflicting answers and opinions regarding what actually worked, what was truly toxic and ultimately, how to unthread the often deceptive and minimally regulated personal care and beauty industry. 

Cindy is committed to finding honest solutions for people's skin care needs. She has made it her mission to create a high-performance, luxury skincare line for all ages by formulating targeted products and using the finest sustainably-sourced, botanically-rich organics combined with clean, science-backed ingredients without sacrificing your health or our planet.

"My skin has never looked better than since I've started LIV + GRACE SKINCARE. I didn't think it was possible to look younger in my 50s than I did in my 40s."

Betsy C. ~So. California

This is LIV + GRACE SKINCARE by Cindy O'Brien.

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What Does Customers and Clients Say?


"I have struggled with my skin for years, acne and dry patches in my mask area and a greasy forehead were tough to manage. Until I crossed paths with Cindy O’Brien- the founder of LIV + GRACE SKINCARE. She guided me on a regimen, but I was skeptical…She did advise that it would take a few months for my skin to change. Cindy told me my skin might have some slight inflammation early on, but it would get better. She was spot on! I started using LIV + GRACE SKINCARE in Feb and by April I really noticed how my skin healed, evened out, blemishes and scarring were going away, no more dry or oily patches, blackheads decreased in size and quantity and no more red patches on my chin! I was spending so much money on Lancome, Este Lauder, Revision, Peter Thomas Roth, Yves St Laurent, you name it! I tried them all for at least 90 days at time. Nothing EVER made my skin improve- UNTIL NOW. LIV + GRACE products are the first brand to heal my troubled skin after years of acne and eczema since childhood. I’ve been to 3 dermatologists, countless aestheticians, and none gave me what Cindy O'Brien from LIV + GRACE SKINCARE did, really beautiful skin that feels great!"

Annie T

Las Vegas


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