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Super Seed Oil Facial Serum Travel Size

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Super Seed Oil

Super Seed Oil  (SSO)

Are you a traveler, road warrior or product junkie with a cosmetic bag in your purse?  If so, you will adore this Travel Sized Super Seed Oil!  Now you can use this small batch nutritive facial oil anywhere or anytime with this travel size  dropper bottle.

The Super Seed Oil has a liquid velvet texture and absorbs quickly without leaving a residue.  Seed oils are the most powerful, nutritive oils and excellent for balancing skin.  The combination of these carefully curated facial oils provides essential fatty acids, an abundance of antioxidants, vitamins, phytosterols and intense hydration leaving your skin feeling plump, hydrated and radiant.  

Perfect for sensitive, dehydrated and or aging skin.  (Not recommended for active acneic skin conditions.)

Here are some of the Key Ingredients in the Super Seed Oil-
  • Marula Oil-  natural powerhouse of antioxidants; nourishes, hydrates and helps improve the appearance of dry damaged skin; reduces the look of crepey skin and fine lines.
  • Cranberry Seed Oil-  excellent source of vitamin E, a natural antioxidant; helps protect against environmental stressors; contains a balance of omega 3, 6 and 9 essential fatty acids creating deep hydration and perfect hydration for dry, damaged and aging skin.
  • Pomegranate Seed Oil-  promotes collagen and elastin production; helps brighten and even skin tone; the punicic acid is suggested to help with inflammation and repair. 
  • Grapeseed Oil-  helps to fight inflammation, reducing itching and improves the appearance of skin elasticity.
  • Baobab Oil-  rich in powerful antioxidants protecting skin against free radical damage; high vitamin C content (6 times more than oranges) assists with skin elasticity; contains vitamin A and B promoting firmer, tighter and more hydrated skin.
  • Red Raspberry Seed Oil-  natural anti-inflammatory, soothing, calming and excellent free radical scavenger with omegas 3 and 6.
  • Organic Jojoba Seed Oil-  closely mimics natural human sebum to balance oil production.
  • Organic Borage Oil-  natural anti-inflammatory and anti-aging herbal oil; one of the richest natural sources of omega 6, gamma-linoleic acid or GLA (17-25%); also contains linoleic acid, oleic, icosenoic locosenoic, stearic and palmitic fatty acid chains.
  • Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil-  rich in selenium balancing oiliness; packed with natural nutrients like zinc, vitamin C and E helping firm, tighten and protect from environmental stressors.
  • Neroli Essential Oil-  has one of the highest vibrations of all essential oils; it takes 1,000 orange blossoms to make one ounce of the precious essential oil which promotes relaxation, focus, and happiness.


We care about you and your health so all ingredients in the Super Seed Oil have been individually verified as safe, non-GMO and nontoxic to your health and our planet. Feel confident in adding this intoxicating facial oil to any skincare regimen without compromise.

How to use Facial Oils

Using your facial oils properly will ensure they last a long time and don’t give you a greasy finish.

You only need to use 2-6 drops of oil at a time. Warm in palms and PRESS into neck, décolletage and face, pressing up the sides of face and then the center. Less is more with this Super Seed Oil!

Here are a some tips on using your facial oil.

  • Use a couple drops after your vitamin C serum dries, then press into the neck, décolleté and then sides of face and up through the center. Follow with moisturizer, sunscreen or nothing at all.
  • Mix a couple drops of oil into your facial toner and apply them both.
  • Make a micro-emulsion. Mix a couple drops of facial oil with a couple drops of your water-based serum, mix the two together on your hands and apply to your face.
  • Simple apply to damp skin.
  • Mix a few drops in the your current moisturizer.~divine!


$42.00  5 ml


We care about every ingredient in our skincare collection because we care about you. Each product and ingredient is carefully researched and vetted to be the cleanest and safest available. + Learn More

Our unwavering commitment to creating products that are both good for your skin and for the eco-system. We believe in full transparency—no greenwashing here! We strictly use ingredients that are a blend of clean science and clinically proven actives in therapeutic dosages. LIV + GRACE products contain well-researched, non-toxic ingredients to trigger the body’s natural healing and protective processes. + Learn More

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Super Seed Oil Facial Serum Travel Size



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