Pure Blue Gel Cleanser by LIV+GRACE SKINCARE leaves your skin clean and moist.

Pure Blue Cleansing Gel

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Pure Blue Cleansing Gel

This soap free foam cleanser glides on your face like silk.  It leaves your skin feeling moist, not stripped or dry making it a good cleanser for all skin types, especially sensitive and dehydrated. A little goes a long way!

Pure Blue Cleansing Gel also takes off make up, even mascara, without burning your eyes. We recommend you use a cream cleanser first, like the Damage Control Creme Cleanser by Liv + Grace, followed by the Pure Blue Cleansing Gel.  It also works well with a Clairsonic acne or gentle brush. You will love it!  The Pure Blue Cleansing Gel has been a favorite for Cindy O'Brien Aesthetics' clients for almost 10 years.


4.5 fl. oz / 135ml: $38.00    

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